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About Me

Greetings and thank you for visiting my shop. My name is Lois Outten, a.k.a. GrammaLouie, and I love soap!

My fascination with soap began many years ago when I was a student in junior high school and attended my first class in Home Economics. You see, back in my day, public schools were still in the business of teaching girls to become proper ladies. One day we had a session all about it’s made, types of soap, and various qualities of soap. I was fascinated. I couldn’t wait to tell my Mom all about the class and I requested that she buy an upscale bar of soap for me. She was quick to tell me that I would be using whatever soap she purchased at the grocery store! Oh, how disappointing! I’m happy to report that occasionally Mom would surprise me with a special soap. I guarded that soap carefully. After bath time I would dry it carefully and store it in my room away from my sisters. 

Over the years, soap continued to be a special commodity for me.  I would often give luxury soap as a gift and it was always well received. I vowed that someday I would learn how to make my own soap. After I retired from corporate life, my husband and I left the big city and moved to a small farming community on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  My transition to country life was an easy one and I felt that I was “home” for the first time in my life. 

After settling into farm life, I attended a soapmaking demonstration and my original fascination with soap was recharged. I started reading extensively about soapmaking and then began experimenting with different formulas. My family and friends were my guinea pigs and they were all reporting good results after using my products.  My hairdresser loved my soap and suggested I start selling soap in her shop. I’ve always prided myself on doing things the right way so I knew I couldn’t start selling my soap without establishing a proper business. My husband was totally supportive of the idea and, in 2015, I put together my business plan and launched GrammaLouie’s Handcrafted Soap. I joined the Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild and received my Soapmaker Certification in 2016.

Originally, I sold my soap at the hair salon (Thanks, Terri!) and through direct sales. My dear niece, Valerie, lives in North Carolina and has done a great job promoting my products; I now have a small following there. Today, my soap is carried at four retail locations in Maryland. With the recent Coronavirus pandemic and temporary closure of stores, my soap inventory is sitting behind locked doors. So, I decided to launch my online store. I hope you will enjoy shopping here. Feel free to contact me with questions or special needs. I’m always willing to try something new.