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About My Soap

As part of my business plan, I established three objectives for making great soap.

1.       Quality Soap.  I wanted to make a quality soap suitable for both face and body. What does “quality soap” mean to me? Quite simply, I wanted to make a soap that would smell great, lather well, rinse easily, and leave the skin feeling moist and refreshed. It needed to clean gently and be suitable for folks with sensitive skin.

As a personal preference, I use only botanical oils in my formulas, no animal fats.  As for fragrance, I originally scented my soaps with only therapeutic-grade essential oils. When my customers started requesting other fragrances, I started investigating synthetic fragrance oils and was quite impressed with many of them. Some folks like the essential oils because they believe them to be more natural. Maybe, but natural is not better if you are allergic to the oil! It’s really a matter of personal preference. All ingredients are listed in my product descriptions.

2.       Attractive.  I wanted to make soap that is attractive but meant to be used. Yes, I want my soap to look pretty but I don’t want it reserved as a decorator item in your bathroom! I don’t make cupcake-style soap that needs to be cut in half before you use it. I don’t top my soaps with lavender buds or other botanicals that should be removed before using the soap. I prefer to make a traditionally shaped bar of soap that is comfortable to hold in your hand.

3.       Affordable.  Finally, I wanted my soap to be affordable. Using quality handcrafted soap is a simple pleasure that one should be able to enjoy daily. Indulge yourself!

I’m confident that I have met all of these objectives with my soap line. Try it yourself... it’s simply good soap!